100% Italian product.

At Rock Helmets we believe our helmets are the result of our passion for sports that feature an Italian racing tradition.

This gives rise to an accurate design that uses high-quality materials entirely made in Italy.

Each model is created in the headquarters of Grosseto, Tuscany, and are carefully crafted and assembled with top quality Italian parts.

Our highly qualified staff with more than twenty years experience at our company manufactures all products found in our catalogue carefully, ensuring optimum performance and safety.

From: 05/11/2019 to: 08/11/2019
From: 30/06/2019 to: 03/07/2019
Date: 19/01/2017
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Recommended for: mountaineering, rock climbing, rescue, work at height, forestry. Weight: 420 g. External shell: advanced....
Recommended for: alpine skiing, snowboard and free ride. Weight: 500 g. External shell: advanced thermo material (ABS). Inner....
Recommended for: mountaineering, ski mountaineering. Weight: 235 g. External shell: polycarbonate. Inner shell: polystirene....
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